This DVD provides a ground level introduction to the equipment used for studio lighting and will show you 16 different lighting setups that can be used to quickly start obtaining professional looking results. The DVD will give you the foundation and basic knowledge that many other books and instructors assume you already have. Finally you will receive the information you need to start getting the results you are looking for when using studio lighting.

DVD contains 90 minutes of training on the following:

- Camera ISO and setup
- Tripods and remote releases
- Backdrops
- Wired and wireless shooting
- White Balance tools (Photovision
- AlienBee strobes
- Light modifiers
- Using a light meter (Sekonic)
- 7 setups with one light
- 6 setups with two lights
- 3 setups with three lights



Included with every DVD is a set of 16 Lighting Setup
"Flash Cards", one for each lighting setup demonstrated in studio on the DVD

Studio Lighting DVD

DVD is $49.50 USD
 including shipping